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Bank ATM’s

The Broadway 3d System installed in a bank ATM protects clients from losses related to bank card theft. An ATM equipped with the Broadway 3D System determines whether the owner of the card is the person attempting to use it. If the system determines the user is not the owner, the ATM can withhold the card and take measures to facilitate apprehension of the criminal.

Servicing bank customers, servicing people at reception desks

The Broadway 3D System installed in banks at entrances and at reception desks allows identification of bank customers and prepares bank personnel before servicing a customer. Thus, a bank employee can obtain information about the banking history of the customer, his characteristics, preferences and interests in the given bank visit.

Control over access to premises

The Broadway 3D System installed on the wall or floor can be employed to protect access to premises, such as a VIP room, or bank premises with heightened access control. The Broadway 3D can be used to increase the effectiveness of Access Control Systems (ACS) in conjunction with any doors, electric locks, gates, turnstiles and other devices. Working with a limited database of registered persons, it provides authorized access to a work place, VIP rooms, etc.

Control over access to safe deposit boxes

Unlike manual systems of access control, electronic systems do not require the presence of bank personnel near a safe deposit box when it is opened, which has a positive effect on a client’s trust of the bank. The use of 3D face recognition provides a high degree of efficiency, convenience and maximum security. Thanks to its database, the system can provide information as to the number of available and occupied boxes of each size, the beginning and ending dates of rental periods, can provide statistics on the frequency with which the boxes are accessed, and provide a wide array of resources for administrators.

Content service
at informational kiosk

Biometric informational kiosks are modern, convenient and client-friendly devices allowing simplification of internal communication between bank personnel, remove the informational burden from them and provide informational support to clients. At the beginning of the work day a bank worker registers his arrival in the system of biometric work timekeeping, and a kiosk gives a demonstration to a visitor, showing news, advertisements, and allows the visitor to independently obtain a variety information about loans, various kinds of accounts, etc. Using the Broadway 3D recognition system, banks can optimize the servicing of regular clients: at a kiosk installed with an auto-registration system with a database of registered faces, a person can acquire his number in a queue and have it shown on the monitor; and content can be communicated that is of interest to the client.

of computer access

Access to a computer is accomplished by a worker’s glance at a USB camera on the desk. The user is identified via 3D face recognition. A Login and Password is no longer necessary. The 3D camera offers contact-free automatic user identification, constant surveillance, automatic blocking if the worker leaves the work area, registration and recording of incidents, economy of work time, and reduction of administrative costs.

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