Artec Welcome SDK

3D Face Recognition Security
for your pc

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No need

to keep typing

in a password

Just sit

in front of your computer for it

to recognize you.

Easy, fast, secure

access for you —

off limits to anyone else.

Key features


3D face recognition technology scans the geometry of a human face, which is a unique biometric key that nobody can steal or forge.


It grants access to an authorized user as soon as he/she takes a look at the monitor and automatically logs off the computer when user leaves the controlled area or when an outsider appears


Artec Welcome is able to recognize a person in less than a second. Registration is just as easy. Constant surveillance and log history solve the problem of a “one-time log-in”.

Contactless biometrics

Doesn’t require tiresome identification procedures like recurrent fingerprints scans


Timeout sessions are not an issue anymore. Many PC users tend to extend timeout periods because they are annoyed by the constant necessity to identify themselves. You don’t have to spend time actively identifying yourself, Artec Welcome does this automatically, you can just concentrate on your work.

One time
set up

Sit 30–50 cm away from your computer and open the Artec Welcome application.

Press scan and keep still while the program captures your face.

Enter your username & password and press save.

In action

Walk away
from your computer and
the screen locks.

Sit before your computer
again and the program compares your
face with that in the database.

If it matches,
the screen automaticaly unlocks and
you can resume your work.

Artec welcome technology

Artec Welcome is a software development kit (SDK), which can be easily integrated into existing NAC solutions to grant secure access to corporate networks. Artec Welcome does not require any security hardware and supports wide range of 3D sensors. With Artec’s 3D face recognition technology and Artec Welcome SDK you can protect computers and networks from unauthorized access.

Existing security solutions cannot offer full protection, as, for instance, passwords can be lost, forged or exchanged, and keeping the passwords on sticky notes next to the PC is a common practice. 2D identification devices could be fooled with a photograph, fingerprints could be forged. All the access control devices usually require a one-time log-in, therefore, once access is granted, there is no guarantee that the right person is actually using the PC afterwards.

Supported hardware

Artec Welcome SDK is compatible with a wide range of laptops, ultrabooks, tablets and all-in-one PCs featuring major consumer 3D sensor Intel RealSense™

You can even use Artec Welcome SDK on old PCs by installing a stand-alone 3D-sensor

Supported OS:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Lenovo ThinkPad* Yoga 15 (15”)

Lenovo ThinkPad* Yoga 15 (15”)

Lenovo ThinkPad* Yoga 15 (15”)

Lenovo ThinkPad* Yoga 15 (15”)

Lenovo ThinkPad* Yoga 15 (15”)

Lenovo ThinkPad* Yoga 15 (15”)

Detailed list of supported devices
with Intel Realsense™

Artec Welcome SDK

  • Microsoft Active Directory integration, enabling IT to easily administrate biometric information
  • Remote or Centralized User Enrollment
  • Standard Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for managing settings and user accounts
  • User access policies based on biometric identifiers
  • Multi-device and multi-factor authentication and credentials substitution
  • Existing Single Sign-On solutions
  • Enterprise Class Password Management
  • Any system that uses Microsoft transport
    credential types (NTLM, X.509 certificates,
    Kerberos, etc.)

Free demo

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