Artec 3D to develop 3D data based apps for the iPhone X 3D scanner


Building on its state-of-the-art 3D capture technology, industry leader Artec 3D has announced that it is developing customized apps that will allow a broader range of users to take full advantage of consumer-level 3D scanning devices.

A bailiwick of engineers and industrial designers just a few years ago, 3D scanning is taking deeper root in the consumer market, and Apple’s latest release is reinforcing the trend.

The newest version of the iPhone comes with a built-in 3D sensor, giving its users an opportunity to make 3D scans, in addition to traditional photos.

Artec 3D, a company that has been at the forefront of high-quality 3D data processing and editing for the past 10 years, is collaborating with other companies, building new apps and customizing existing ones by adding 3D functionality that will enrich users’ experience greatly.

The range of 3D based applications is wide. For example, 3D scanning technology will be able to offer the user a design studio and a fitting room in their device. The idea is simple: scan yourself in 3D, upload your 3D model to a 3D scanning and data editing app and create clothing designs for your 3D model with your body measurements in order to try on new designs, show them to your friends and alter them if necessary.

Likewise, 3D scanning can revolutionize e-commerce: with this technology, online stores will be able to offer shoppers an opportunity to see how their clothes in stock look on the user’s 3D model, which will give the user a much better idea of whether the piece of clothing they have been eyeing up really fits them.

Fashion and e-commerce are not the only spheres to benefit from 3D scanning. With greater access to 3D technologies, gamers will be able to personalize their characters by creating their own avatars and incorporating them into digital environments.

In addition to this, if the user has a powerful 3D app in their device, the 3D scan to 3D print path will be much easier and faster to cover. The app will be able to thoroughly analyze the surface of a 3D model to determine if it’s ready for print and fix imperfections if necessary. So the user will be able to easily prepare and send to a 3D printer their 3D model or a 3D model of an object they choose.

3D scanning exposes users to a whole world of new exciting opportunities, helping them develop their talents and making their lives more fun. Artec's creative team of 3D biometric experts can make 3D scanning apps to spec. If you have a great idea, we are here to bring it to life.

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