Broadway 3D Face Recognition System is installed at International Sochi Airport


International airport of Sochi is now equipped with the latest generation of security systems.

Elektronika, LLC has developed and implemented an integrated security system for the International Airport of Sochi that is to host the upcoming Winter Olympics 2014. The project was completed in June.

The network was designed in compliance with Aviation and Transportation Security legislation referring to Class I airports. It provides a wide range of functional capabilities including security monitoring and alarm situation detection, as well as its rapid response.

The entire airport premises are covered by the system network. There are over 550 HD video surveillance cameras working non-stop. The security system also involves united checkpoints and automatic alert detection. The object is monitored by a sole dispatch center collecting data from the entire airport zone.

The project is tailored to utilize intellectual capabilities of various technologies. The system is able to detect alarming situations and alert all on-duty airport security workers, as well as to facilitate required scenario execution. In case of emergency, dispatch operators receive verified and prioritized information.

Built on a singular software platform (ESM), the network combines the world’s best security technologies: video analysis, biometric access control systems based on fingerprint and 3D facial geometry recognition, electronic passes, situation management in accordance with various scenarios.

Nikolay Ovchenkov, Elektronika LLC CEO: “We have spent over a year engineering the security system of Sochi airport. One of the top-priority goals was to design a highly effective system that could be easily adapted into existing high speed work flow of the airport and become a trusted security solution. To achieve this goal we have selected the best technologies and solutions that function as a centralized network”.

Victor Shesternin, Asset Protection Director Deputy, Bazel Aero: “The level of airport infrastructure security will hugely increase with installation of modern security systems, as it is highly important for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The whole project engages innovative approaches and solutions. Today, the airports of Sochi and Krasnodar are equipped with new generation systems.

More on technologies:

Incident management scenarios based on ESM platform (developed by Elektronika)

ESM-based dispatch center manages the security network. ESM works with scenarios that imply certain responses to various threats, meaning that it provides event analysis and incident management with exact directions.

Benefits and innovative capabilities of ESM:

  • No human factor mistakes. Each operator’s performance is assessed and controlled.
  • The system controls each stage of threat management.
  • Capable of rapid response while complex situations

Security management system based on ESM software unites all resources offering full scale monitoring and level security automotive management, ACS algorithms and video surveillance support.

Airport access control with Broadway 3D Face Recognition System by Artec Group

Broadway 3D, installed for airport workers access control, provides the highest security level available on the market. The system uses geometry of a human face – one of the most precise biometrics that is impossible to fool or fake. Broadway 3D was selected to be installed in the Sochi airport for its safety and fast performance. The system eliminates access of an unregistered person or unauthorized employee. In less than a second the system captures surface information, having analyzed about 40 thousand points on a user’s face it builds a mathematical model and compares it to the database. It is capable of identifying a person on the walk, in hats or sunglasses. It can also tell apart identical twins. Moreover, the system offers a high throughput that is quite crucial while rush hours. Registration takes up to 2 seconds; throughput is 60 people per minute. The system of 3D facial recognition is integrated into the network under ESM management and works in a verification mode. A biometric template is stored in the database and its numeric number is assigned to each access card.

When a person enters though a checkpoint, he presents his card to a card reader. After that Broadway 3D performs facial recognition and compares it with 3D template in the database. If the information matches, Broadway 3D grants access to the person. The information is stored in ESM software. In addition, the solution is able to change work modes and algorithms of particular checkpoint per dispatcher’s order.

Intellectual surveillance by XProtect Milestone system developed by Milestone

Xprotect Milestone system offers all the functions required for highly effective video surveillance, including live and recorded video view, dome and rotary IP cameras management. Milestone virtual matrix can direct video streams to any PCs which is quite important for multichannel systems of video surveillance. The solution is extremely functional, safe and has vast integration opportunities.

About Basel Aero

Founded in 2007, Basel Aero manages airport assets of “Bazovyi Element”. The company includes airports of Anapa, Sochi, Krasnodar and Gelendzhik. These airports handle 7% of passenger throughput of Russia.

About Elekronika, LLC

Eletronika LLC is a Russian security system intergrator, developer and distributor of high-tech security solutions. In 20 years the company carried out over 1000 complex projects in Russia and abroad.

About Artec Group

Artec Group develops and manufactures innovative solutions and products based on proprietary technology of 3D scanning and recognition. Artec Group’s products and services are used in security, medicine, media and design, entertainment, fashion, heritage preservation and industrial engineering, among many others. Artec Group is the pioneer in 3D face recognition technology. Broadway 3D is installed in several Russian airports, an electronics factory and a hospital in Japan and others.

About Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a world leader in the field of software development with an open architecture for security systems are IP-surveillance of all sizes. The functionality and reliability of their software is proved by 35,000 installations in 90 countries.

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