Artec Group demonstrated its latest security solutions at Biometrics 2008 Exhibition held in London, UK on 22-23 October.

This year the company focused on showcasing how easy it is to enhance security by integrating its Dynamic 3D human recognition technology into existing access control systems.

Artec Group announces availability of the Broadway™ Security Demo Kit.

Incorporating Artec Group proprietary human recognition technology, the Broadway™ Security Demo Kit is designed to showcase the world’s first non-cooperative scenarios of physical access control.

"The Broadway™ solution recognizes people on-the-fly, so they don’t have to stop and present their biometrics by

Artec Group participated in CG EVENT 2007, one of the largest international conferences on computer graphics that took place in Moscow, Russia on 8-9 December.

Artec Group will join the movers and shakers of the ID Revolution community by participating in the ID WORLD International Congress that will take place in Milan, Italy on 18-20 November 2008.

During the ID World Conference, the most comprehensive forum for an international audience interested in advanced automatic identification, Artyom Yukhin, the Founder and Chairman of the Board

Artec Group unveiled its breakthrough Dynamic 3D™ Human Recognition Technology at Biometrics 2007 Exhibition held in London, UK on 18-19 October. Made public for the first time ever, Artec products and solutions have generated much attention among the largest industry players and have attracted many visitors to the booth.

With a focus on the new approach to personal identification,


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